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Gifts to Show You Care is the gift shop of The Leprosy Mission Ireland Ireland (TLM), an Irish charity which is the oldest branch of The Leprosy Mission International. It is globally recognised as a world leader in leprosy care, cure, rehabilitation and prevention.

Many people believe that leprosy no longer exists. We no longer have leprosy in Ireland, but it continues to be a major health issue in many countries. Every two minutes in the world somebody is diagnosed with leprosy. If let untreated, the disease leads to terrible deformities. Children who contract Leprosy are often abandoned and left to die. Adults who are untreated become unable to work as they develop infected skin ulcers. Families have no income and are trapped in poverty.

There is, however, a cure for leprosy . This was, in fact, developed in Trinity College, Dublin . The treatment, Multi-Drug Therapy (MDT), can be taken by tablet . It is so easy to administer, yet people who have leprosy are fearful to come forward because of the stigma attached to the disease.

The Leprosy Mission works in a multitude of ways. We help those who are already suffering with leprosy and its consequences of physical deformity by providing medical treatment and rehabilitation. We provide education programmes to encourage people to get treatment, and break down the stigma that often gets in the way, before the disease causes irreversible damage.We support the patients’ families and help integrate those cured from the disease back into the community. We also work with other charity partners worldwide to deliver holistic community development aid, emergency and disaster relief, not being limited to leprosy.

By purchasing from our site you you not only are buying a quality gift but are also providing physical, mental and emotional support, hope and dignity to a person affected by the terror of leprosy.

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Leprosy Mission Contact Details

The Leprosy Mission Ireland
Suite 14, The Cubes Offices
Beacon South Quarter
Dublin 18

WITHIN IRELAND: Lo Call 1890 50 51 52 or 01 2938570

FROM OUTSIDE IRELAND: + 353 1 2938570

Email: shop@showyoucare.ie


The Leprosy Mission Petition

One of our latest campaigns seeks to make sure that leprosy, still diagnosed in 250,000 men, woman and children every year, is prioritised by the World Health Organisation. We’re working for 100,000 signatures on a petition to pressure policy-makers to once again listen to the voice of those so often excluded from society. It’s completely free, and a valued and historic contribution to justice and hope for those who have watched their future fall apart before their eyes. Add your voice on behalf of the voiceless – why not add your signature today?

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The Leprosy Mission Ireland

You show you care because every cent, 100%, of profit from our online shop goes towards our work, providing care and cure for people affected by leprosy.